Frequently Asked Questions About The High School Program

Here are the answers to questions we are frequently asked about. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Q. What is the difference between a high school diploma and a high school equivalency exam (GED/HiSET)?

  • A. Most employers will accept either, but some employers look more favorably on a high school diploma, as it shows them time and effort have been committed to attend and complete classes. Many students are closer to their High School Diploma then they think. Our HSD Coordinator can assist you with deciding on which option is best for you at orientation. You may also change your goal once enrolled in our program.

Q. How long will it take me to get my high school diploma?
  • A. The program is self-paced which means each student is in control of how quickly they complete their goal. For the diploma, it depends on the number of credits you need, how often you attend class and how quickly you turn in your work.

Q. How do I get started?
  • A. You must first attend a High School Diploma orientation. Our orientation schedule allows students to start throughout the school year.

Q. I work full time and don't have time to attend classes. Are there any options for me?
  • A. Classes are available both morning and evening. We also offer an Independent Study option for students seeking credit towards their High School Diploma.

Q. I'm not good at reading or math. Will I still be able to get a diploma?
  • A. We offer a Prep class that helps students to improve their English Language Arts and Math skills. Students take this class to prepare to transfer to the High School Diploma Program, or to simply improve their basic academic skills for their careers or personal growth.

Q. I never attended high school. Can I still earn a diploma?
  • A. Yes. We make an Individual Graduation Plan for each student that will lead them to their goal of a High School Diploma or prepare them to pass the high school equivalency exam (GED/HiSET). Remember, it is not where you start but where you end that matters.

Q. What if I just need to pass the California High School Exit Exam?
  • A. Due to recent State Legislature changes, the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) has been suspended for the next two years. That means passing the CAHSEE is no longer required to earn a diploma (through July 2018). The new law also states that beginning in January 2016 students who completed all graduation requirements, except for passage of the CAHSEE, may be issued their high school diploma from the school they last attended. If you did not pass CAHSEE while in high school, and were also in need of more credits, now is the time to come back to school to earn your diploma.

Q. It's been a long time since I was in school. How will I get my records?
  • A. All schools keep all student records indefinitely. You can contact the last school you attend to request a copy of your transcript or we will help you order your transcripts and can have them sent directly to our school.

Q. Is it too late for me to go back to school and get my diploma or take the high school equivalency exam (GED/HiSET)?
  • A. It's never too late. Students in our program are from all age groups and all can be successful. Our teachers will provide you with the assistance you need to achieve your goal.

Q. How much does this cost?
  • A. There is no cost to attend our High School Program classes.

Q. How long will Vista Adult School keep my transcripts?
  • A. Any credit earned at Vista Adult School will be kept indefinitely. However, transcripts collected from others schools will only be kept for one year. If you are not a continuous student after one year, your transcripts from other schools will be destroyed.